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About K'an Artisanal Products

Located in Santa Cruz, California, K’an was created out of need for less harmful ingredient to our bodies. I am a label reader who strongly believes that less is more.

K’an is an ethical, small business whose intentions are to use quality products that are gentle to us humans, animals, and the environment. I strongly believe on honesty, and for that reason every ingredient being used in the elaboration of each product is listed for everyone.

K’an  products are mainly made using natural sources like botanicals, clays, oil infusions, herbs, spices, teas, juices, purees, plants and fruits dehydration, milks, essential oil, some fragrance oils††, and Cosmetic micas†† with a long list of oils, and butters. The botanicals in the products are not being add just for a look botanical are being part of my life and passed to generations; for me It is like capturing a small part of nature in one bar of soap.

†† Ethical sources

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